1. How much is therapy?

The cost per session is $170. Bulk Billing or reduced rates are available for people in some circumstances. EFTPOS is available.


2. What is a medicare rebate?

Through medicare it is possible to receive rebates for up to 10 psychology sessions in a year. In order to be eligible for these medicare rebates it is first necessary to obtain a mental health care plan from your doctor. You will receive a rebate of $124.50 per session.


3. Is counselling for me? 

People are often ambivalent about seeing a psychologist and therefore wait until problems worsen before calling. However, anyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist. If you notice signs or symptoms such as reduced mood, increased stress and anxiety, or difficulty concentrating then it is worth calling to see how psychology can help.


4. Is therapy Confidential?


Psychologists are bound by a code of ethics that protects the rights of clients. Clients can expect a service that maintains the confidentiality and privacy of who they are and what they discuss. This will be discussed in the first session.


5. How long does therapy take?

the length of therapy varies greatly. Some people might attend less than six sessions while some people might come to therapy for several years. Often symptoms decrease over the first several sessions. However, in order to produce lasting change it is usually necessary to correct deeper issues and conflicts. The best results are typically obtained by those people who are committed to the therapy process.


6. I am anxious about seeing a psychologist?

It is normal to experience anxiety before therapy. As such I endeavour to create a comfortable and non-judgemental environment where you can talk about issues at your own pace. People often feel a sense of relief after the first session and begin to enjoy the challenges and rewards that come out of therapy.