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Are you ready to change your life in some way? Are the same old patterns tripping you up and keeping you stuck? Do you experience long-standing problems such as anxiety, anger and frustration, depression, PTSD, or relationship issues? Do your problems significantly impact self-esteem, hope, energy and quality of life? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am here to help. If you want to tap in to your innate striving and resources to bring about change then please read through to see how I can assist.

My name is Damon Mitchell and I work as a Clinical Psychologist in Carlton, Melbourne. My practice is Core Life Psychology. My focus is to assist people during periods of change and transformation. This not only involves working through difficult emotional states but also the fostering of resilience, insight, growth, and joy. By creating an environment of safety and security people are more likely to take healthy chances, heal, and transform. 

My approach draws on psycho-dynamic methods which explore how the therapy relationship can assist people to work through anxiety and defences in order to confront difficult emotions and issues. I also utilize techniques that stem from cognitive behavioural therapy, attachment theory, mindfulness, neurobiology and acceptance and commitment therapy.

My aim is to deliver a service that (a) results in symptom reduction, psychological wellbeing, stability, and growth; (b) balances understanding and acceptance with change; (c) builds confidence, self-esteem, and courage; (d) looks at the whole person beyond just diagnosis; (e) fosters insight, self-discovery, and integration; and (e) incorporates effective therapies based on recent advances in research.

Booking and appointment is easy and confidential. If you have any concerns feel free to call 0451 491 395 to have a discussion about how I can help.


Therapy is a great way to help facilitate change and growth. Using contemporary models of how we change I can assist you to foster new experiences in your life. Although deep and lasting change requires effort having a caring therapist that is focused and attuned can be an invaluable asset.

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Therapy can take many different forms depending on your particular goals and needs. If you are interested in therapy please check out the different types of services and the general approach that I take. Don't hesitate to contact today...

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